Hey there. Everything about writing your own bio is awkward, so here’s what you need to know:

  • 10441091_10102335026230566_2462913447157295701_nMy passion is to write stories about people — how politics, policy, economics, and culture affect real human people. Mostly I tell these stories through the lens of restaurants/food or travel, but not always.
  • I’ll read anything about social justice, the future of journalism, and the many ways in which your life can be ruined in an instant.
  • During my four years as a staff writer at Eater, my favorite stories were: One that questioned whether Rick Bayless is the most interesting man in the world (he definitely is); and a profile of the DC Central Kitchen a culinary non-profit fighting to give people second chances.
  • I’ve been published in Eater, Travel + Leisure, BonAppétit.com, National Geographic Traveler, Pacific Standard, The Awl, and World Hum.
  • Fact-checking is as fun for me as doing crossword puzzles, which is to say it is very very fun. I’ve done some freelance fact-checking for The New Republic, Foreign Policy, and National Geographic Traveler.
  • Opinions are not facts.